Season One: The gang gets over it

by Newman

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Hedda - Vocals
Vile - Guitar
Tobias - Drums


released June 15, 2017



all rights reserved


Newman Stockholm, Sweden


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Track Name: Let's Rumble!
i know what they want
i'll give it to em

my bad habits
knuckles white, i'm slacking off

for a while i've been drifting
in the deep end
my act way greater
than i can bare to carry

and be it so
i could drop you like a bag of dirt
Track Name: Every Decision I Have Ever Made In My Entire Life Has Been Wrong
this is it
im through with it

when they like me, i don't like them
stuck in a loop
waiting for when

half-witted missteps
fucking me over
i need a fix
need the world to spin slower

you know im troubled but i wont let it slip
locking it all in the vault
cause im better off on my own
Track Name: You Know My Friend, Bob Sacamano?
came to this
nervous itch
wonder if
i will make it

never knew what i was up against
or how im going down

i'll let u in on a little secret

the obstacles never end
but ive got his back
so hes got mine

i would take back every last word i said
screw this nervous itch
Track Name: The Wild Card
i giddied down a long time ago
sunny southwest's what i yearn for
in my mind im already gone

got my ass kicked by del boca vista
but left feeling hopeful

i clearly don't fit the part but im gonna come back from this
you'll eat dirt!

you better believe it
you bunch of deadbeats

i forget but don't forgive
Track Name: I'm Splitting
levels, jerry levels
torn down and leveled

doesnt get better than this
nothing's yet off the table

they broke my legs not my spirits
and for now im taking the highway

an eye for an eye comes to mind
then i'll let them off the hook